Earn hundreds of dollars everyday by selling our dating site on Ebay.  You keep all the money.  And we provide the free dating site that already has 3 million existing members.

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Earn up to $100 everytime by selling dating sites on Ebay!  You keep all the money you earned from selling a dating site on Ebay.  And once you sold a dating site, just tell the buyer to claim their dating site from here.

1. Sell a dating site on Ebay for up to $100.  The fully functional dating site already has 3 million existing members.   The buyers can get instant FTP access to their new dating sites.

2. You keep all the money from the sale.   Then tell the buyers to register their dating site at Honestpaid.com.  Yes, just forward the buyers to this site and let them register their dating sites themselves.

Lots of people are selling our dating sites on Ebay.  Click here to see a list of sellers that are selling our dating sites on Ebay.

What do we gain for allowing you to sell our instant dating sites?  Well.  We run banners on these sites to promote our own products.   And all buyers of our dating sites can also sell our dating sites to others for up to $100.  Sellers of our instant dating sites have the right to collect a fair 'introduction fee' of up to $100.

Anybody can come here and open up a dating site for FREE.  Anybody can sell our FREE dating site for up to $100 at places like Ebay or Craigslist.  Instant site creation upon the click of the sign up button.   Instant FTP access.  There are already 3 million plus singles' profiles existing.   No hosting fee.  No setup fee.  No bandwidth fee.   Totally free for all.

Your own dating site will get you hooked!  It makes you feel like the Big Boss who invited lots of guests to a mansion.   And people were all having fun, chatting, eating, and hanging out.  Your own dating site is your virtual PlayBoy mansion.  Facebook and Twitter can never make you feel that way.  That's why once you got your FREE dating site, you will adore it and upkeep it for life!  Social networks like Facebook and Twitter all help people in a psychological way.  But they cannot bring you the joy and the confidence like how your own dating site can.

You can create any kind of dating site you want for FREE at Honestpaid.com.  Your own theme.  Your own domain name.  No hosting fee.  No setup fee.  No monthly charges.

Sign up now and your dating site will be up and running within 1 minute.  Automatic instant FTP access the moment you clicked the sign up button.

Star Wars fans' dating club!  Star Trek fans dating!  Bikers dating site!  Cake lovers or deli lovers dating site!  Real Estate agents only dating site.  What ever you can think of.  You can create it with a few clicks.  You can ask the members whatever questions you want to ask.  You control the questions. 

And when nobody shows up in the search result based on the unique questions that you have setup, no problem at all.  Users will just search for the other existing 3 million members without a glitch.

View a Star Wars fan dating demo here!

  See another demo here!

Click here to see 25 other strange dating site demos that could be your site today!

And here are 15 more strange dating sites that could be yours today.

What's so cool about our service is there is just one unified database.  And hundreds of thousands of dating sites can tab into this single database.  Therefore, the singles (members) are less confused, and the website owners can work less and have more energy and money for promotions.

Imagine, no programming skill.  No monthly web hosting fee.  No software to buy.  No maintenance or profile approval.  Never need to shut down due to lack of funds.  Just pay for a domain name like $13 a year and your dating site exists forever.

Our dedicated server is 36 GB Ram and can host unlimited dating sites.  Our software is a souped up OsdateEvo that would not fail even if the whole world joined under us.

This dating site will add attraction to your existing website.  You can create it for a laugh or for profit.  But it will help bring visitors to your existing site.

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When members upgrade their memberships, they pay you at least $30 per upgrade.  They pay you by PayPal, credit cards, or whatever payment you can accept.

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We own this singles' database.  So each time you collect the $30 from a member, you just pay us a $3 wholesale fee.   Then we will upgrade your client to a Gold member for you.

  They pay you You pay us
3 months of Gold membership $30 $3
6 months of Gold membership $50 $5

No setup fee.  No monthly hosting fee.  We earn money mostly by banners that we insert on your dating site.  And you earn money by membership upgrades.

Free Setup.  No monthly hosting fee.   You get FTP access, and you can change the color, images, backgrounds, and the theme of your own dating website.  Your own domain name.  (You can buy your own domain name for a few dollars.)  Just point your own domain name to our server and your website is live! 

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We have 12 different themes that you can choose for your site.  And your dating site will be 100% mobile friendly.

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  See live demo here!

Get started now for FREE.

Basically we control the database.  We maintain the server and monitor all of the members.  You control the rest of the website and collect membership fee via Paypal or credit cards.

Basically, when we do send emails to members, we send our emails from:


(This is a very difficult to remember email address.)

And the subject would be : From Free Dating Service!

And we tell them to login at your website in order to retrieve their passwords or read messages.

If you don't believe us, you can register a few singles' accounts and see if we ever send you spam messages.  You can test our system by pretending to forget your password and see what kind of messages we would send you.

Get started now for FREE.

Technical detail:

Active members 3.2 million
Your control: All the color, theme, page tamplates, domain name, membership fee
We control: banners, member monitoring, and emailing members when they need to retrieve password or got messages from others.

Osdate is an open source software that has plenty of themes and colors to choose from.  You can download your own themes and images for free at OsdateForum.com.   (Caution:  We have souped up the osdate software so it can handle millions of members.  Original Osdate software would crash if the members reach around 100,000.)

Comparing our service with running and hosting a dating website yourself:

With us:

Do it yourself:

No cost to start Need to buy software, hire programmers, hire staff, and maintain and backup a dedicated server everyday
earn 90% of the revenue earn around 25% of revenue if you are lucky
can start and quit at anytime difficult to start and heartbreaking to quit
no maintenance, no work, no hassle need to hire staff to maintain spam control.  Need to worry about legal issues (stolen photos or porno pictures without proper permission)
can start without experience and programming skill I cannot imagine anybody starting a dating website without any programming background.  

Just to give you an idea of how many space a 1 million member dating site would occupy.   With 1 million members and their photos and videos the storage space alone is about 400 GB.  Just the daily backup alone would take hours.  And most mom and pop softwares out there cannot handle a singles' database that has more than 100,000 member profiles.  All of those softwares out there would crash when you reach around 100,000 members.  Then you need to hire programmers to rewrite your software from scratch.   This is a very tough business. 

But we understand your concerns.  We never sell our profiles to others.  We never contact the members that signed up.  Nobody will steal from anybody in the Honestpaid system. 

And beware of dating site hosting services that promise you a great hosting package for your dating site.  They charge you money to install cheap dating software for you in their own servers and encourage you to go out there to promote your site.  But behind you they steal your members' profiles that you tried so hard to gain and sell them to other dating sites.  We would never do that.  You can join us and register few singles member accounts in our system and see if you receive any unwanted spam emails from others.  And I guarantee you you will never hear from us unless another member is looking for you.  Our system is very secluded and secure. 

Get started now for FREE.

Why a shared database is so much better than a private database?

The reason is there are more active members on a shared database.  Imagine if your database is occupied only by your own website.  Then only few members would come and go.  But imagine if hundreds of dating sites share this same database.   There is a lot more active members coming and going, right?  And more active the members are, the more attractive this database becomes.