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Your own dating website with 3 million active members,  Add this feature to your existing website to attract visitors.  Free service!  No monthly fee!  No setup cost.

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Fight back the big boys like Facebook or Amazon that are killing your website!

All the private small websites are slowly being abandoned by their visitors, while people are being drawn to the big guys like Facebook, YouTube, or Amazon.  But you can fight back by adding interesting features to draw back your visitors.  Adding interesting and useful features that nobody else can provide is the key.

Private websites will one day disappear like printed magazines and newspapers if something is not done in a hurry.  Adding updated news and articles on your site won't work.  Adding interesting links won't work.   But what if you have a huge singles' database on your site?

A huge singles' database with 3 million active members!  Visitors will come back to your site to browse this database on daily basis.  And lots of singles are willing to pay for a Gold membership!   Your own domain name.  Your own brand.  Fight Facebook and Twitter with your new secret weapon!

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When members upgrade their memberships, they pay you at least $30 per upgrade.  They pay you by PayPal, credit cards, or whatever payment you can accept.

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We own this singles' database.  So each time you collect the $30 from a member, you just pay us a $2 wholesale fee.   Then we will upgrade your client to a Gold member for you.

  They pay you You pay us
3 months of Gold membership $30 $2
6 months of Gold membership $50 $4

Costs you nothing to start.  All you have to do is download a HTML script and install it in your own website.  No monthly fee.  No hosting fee.  Your own domain name.  Your own brand.  Then suddenly, your existing website also becomes a bonafide, huge dating service that supplies millions of active members to your visitors.  Fight Facebook.  Fight Amazon.   Fight all the big boys that are killing your business.

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More visitors began to return to your site on daily basis just to browse the singles' database.  Your existing online business also increased, and your search engine ranking shot through the roof.

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  See live demo here!

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Add this great attraction to your existing website and gain more return visitors.  It does not matter what kind of website you have.  A well established dating service on your existing website can only attract more visitors.  Guaranteed to boost your search engine ranking and more repeat businesses for your website.

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A totally free dating service that already has 3 million members provided on your existing website can help you attract more visitors and will encourage your visitors to come back on daily basis.  More visitors means a better search engine ranking for your site and more business.

This is how it works.  All you have to do is download a HTML frame that you can install on your website.  And that frame points to our database which has 3 million dating members and growing.  Then add a link on your website to allow visitors to access this HTML frame.  Your visitors will think you own this dating service and will have no idea that the database is not hosted on your own server.   This HTML frame allows you to show your own logo and your own links.   It will blend in with your existing website, and it is 100% mobile friendly.    Our logo and links will not appear anywhere.  Only your logo and links will appear.  See demo here.

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Our database is hosted on a dedicated 32 GB Ram server and is extremely powerful and fast and allows very accurate and meaningful profile searches.  We offer all the features that a dating website should offer for free without any restriction.  Your visitors will be hooked on this free service and will come back to your site on daily basis.  And some might even pay you for top listing spots.  They usually pay $30 for 3 months or $50 for 6 months to you via Paypal.   And you just pay us $2 for 3 months or $4 for 6 months for each membership upgrade.   You earn 90% of the total revenue.

We never contact the members that signed up.  The only time they receive emails from us is when members forgot their passwords or when somebody received a message from another member and needs to reply.

But our emails will be very obscure.  It will say on the subject line: "From FREE Dating Service".  And it will say 'Please login to reset your pasword or read your messages at'

And our return email address is

Nobody will be able to remember our long and difficult domain name or our email address.  So your visitors will still go back to your website in order to access this dating service.  They will simply assume that you own the whole database.  Get started now for FREE.

So what do we gain by providing all of this?  Well.  We insert banners on this dating site to promote our own products.  And our products have nothing to do with online dating.  And our banners will look very normal and will not distort this website in any way.  So your visitors will think you inserted these banners yourself.  We collect $2 or $4 from you just to cover the labor of upgrading each member that pays.

Click here to see a demo of this HTML frame.

And click here to see what's really behind this HTML frame.

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Comparing our service with running and hosting a dating website yourself:

With us:

Do it yourself:

No cost to start Need to buy software, hire programmers, hire staff, and maintain and backup a dedicated server everyday
earn 90% of the revenue earn around 25% of revenue if you are lucky
can start and quit at anytime difficult to start and heartbreaking to quit
no maintenance, no work, no hassle need to hire staff to maintain spam control.  Need to worry about legal issues (stolen photos or porno pictures without proper permission)
keep your customers coming back to your existing website  Because nobody can remember our domain name, which is Customers only visit your dedicated dating site and do not visit your existing website.
can start without experience and programming skill I cannot imagine anybody starting a dating website without any programming background.  

The only thing good about running your own dating software on your own dedicated server is it looks more professional.  But honestly speaking, people don't really care as long as the content is good and members are plenty and real.  Why in the world would anyone care how beautiful your website is?  It's the content that counts.  Just to give you an idea of how many space a 1 million member dating site would occupy.   With 1 million members and their photos and videos the storage space alone is about 400 GB.  Just the daily backup alone would take hours.  And most mom and pop softwares out there cannot handle a singles' database that has more than 100,000 member profiles.  All of those softwares out there would crash when you reach around 100,000 members.  Then you need to hire programmers to rewrite your software from scratch.   This is a very tough business. 

But we understand your concerns.  We never sell our profiles to others.  We never contact the members that signed up.  Nobody will steal from anybody in the Honestpaid system. 

And beware of dating site hosting services that promise you a great hosting package for your dating site.  They charge you money to install cheap dating software for you in their own servers and encourage you to go out there to promote your site.  But behind you they steal your members' profiles that you tried so hard to gain and sell them to other dating sites.  We would never do that.  You can join us and register few singles member accounts in our system and see if you receive any unwanted spam emails from others.  And I guarantee you you will never hear from us unless another member is looking for you.  Our system is very secluded and secure. 

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